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Invertebrate distribution map

Which invertebrates are being found where?

Does survey location affect which pond animals you might find?

Select one or more of the invertebrate groups using the boxes on the right-hand side and see if you can spot any patterns emerging.

  Number of surveys completed: 4749
  Total invertebrates identified: 25356
Alderfly larvae (692)
Cased caddisfly larvae (1152)
Caseless caddisfly larvae (486)
Damselfly larvae (1572)
Dragonfly larvae (1284)
Mayfly larvae (2072)
Pond skaters (2210)
Water beetles (2515)
Water bugs (2987)
Water shrimps (1784)
Water slaters (2227)
Water snails (2848)
Worm-like animals (3527)
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