Water survey results so far

Explore the map below to see all the survey results submitted so far. Can you find your contribution?

The figures inside the coloured circles show the number of surveys in that area. Click on a circle to zoom further in and view the individual results. Alternatively, enter a town, road or postcode into the search box above the map and select 'zoom to location'.

Switch to satellite view to zoom in even closer and see surveys that may be hiding behind another marker.

Click on an individual survey to view its pond health score.

What does the pond health score mean?
The pond health score is based on which invertebrates are found in the lake or pond. Indicators of good water quality such as dragonfly and caddisfly larvae are scored higher than hardy species such as snails and leeches.

A score of more than 30 is a sign of very healthy water. For more information see the water survey workbook (PDF, 1MB).


over 100 surveys 100 or more surveys between 10 and 99 surveys Between 10 and 99 surveys fewer than 10 sites Fewer than 10 surveys Individual survey result Individual survey result Your survey result Your survey result

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