Soil and earthworm survey results


This map shows all the surveys completed so far. Click on a marker to see a brief summary of the results entered. Can you see your contribution?


This map shows which earthworms have been found where. Do some earthworms only live in certain locations? Can you see any patterns emerging? 


Create a graph that analyses a chosen soil or site characteristic. What are the most common soil types? How do your results match up?



See your earthworm pictures

See all the earthworm pictures you've submitted to us so far. Get snapping and add your photos to the gallery.


What have we discovered so far?

Earthworm expert David Jones takes a closer look at all the surveys you've submitted.

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Pond skaterHow healthy is your local lake or pond? Identify the invertebrates that live there to find out.


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Uncover the diverse range of wildlife in our hedges and learn more about their importance.