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Learning: CREST Star Investigators – ages 5-12

What is CREST Star Investigators?

Crest Star Investigators is an award programme run by the British Science Association (BSA) to support and encourage science project work for children aged 5-12.


Select your CREST Star Investigators activity below for extra help, guidance and new activity ideas.

If you have any queries or suggestions please email opal [at] imperial [dot] ac [dot] uk

Star – Discovery bag

Taking part in the Discovery bag activity? Follow the link below for lots of extra information, activities and suggestions.



SuperStar – Windy ways

Learn more about wind and weather and enjoy lots of exciting activities.



MegaStar – Tree for life

This MegaStar activity will get you thinking about trees – their value to wildlife and their importance for biodiversity.

Choose your activity below for lots of useful extras to help you with your project.





Useful resources

OPAL tree gallery – View a gallery of common British trees to help you identify them