Blue-grey worm


Kids Zone

Play earthworm frenzy

How many worms and bugs can you catch in the time limit?


Get closer to bugs

Take a closer look at some common species with our bugs zoom gallery.



Survey-themed fun and games

Weather and climate

Test yourself with our climate change quiz, make a tornado in a glass, design your own weather picture and much more.

Climate change quiz – test your knowledge
OPAL Climate Centre – weather and climate activities


Hedges and biodiversity

Activity sheets

Biodiversity survey activity sheet (PDF, 143KB) – jokes and puzzles


Create a wood pile (PDF, 372KB) – attract wildlife to your garden


Activity sheets produced by National Geographic Kids magazine:

Hedge scratchers (PDF, 7MB) – animal quiz and word search


Hedge hunting (PDF, 9MB) – spotters guide and word puzzle



- can you find all the invertebrate names?

Hedge wordsearch (PDF, 78KB)


More fun and games – from our biodiversity survey partners

HedgUcation – virtual farm walk, activity sheets and interactive games


PTES Kids – animal recipes, insect quiz and woodland discovery game


AES bug club – insect origami, build a giant bug and much more


Nature detectives – 150 autumn activity sheets



Water, ponds and lakes

Activity sheets – produced by National Geographic Kids magazine:

Water wonders (PDF, 425KB) – wordsearch and facts


Pond puzzler (PDF, 425KB) – pond quiz



Water quiz –
test your water knowledge with our true or false quiz


Air, trees and lichens

Activity sheets

Bark art (PDF, 164KB) – use crayons to explore the patterns of different bark


Story stick (PDF, 600KB) – create a unique nature story with what you find


Natural colours (PDF, 432KB) – look for colours in nature


Tree age (PDF, 432KB) – find out how old your tree is


Activity sheets produced by National Geographic Kids magazine:

Looking for lichens (PDF, 6.8MB) – wordsearch and facts



Wordsearch – can you you find the hidden air terms?

Air wordsearch (PDF, 1.5MB)


Lichen quiz – test your lichen knowledge with our true or false quiz



Soil and earthworms

Activity sheets

Painting with soil (PDF, 356KB) – learn how to paint with soil


Activity sheets produced by National Geographic Kids magazine:

Earthworm activity sheet (PDF, 425KB) – make your own wormery


Soil activity sheet (PDF, 425KB) – make some garden compost


Play earthworm frenzy
– catch the earthworms before the time runs out


Soil and earthworm quiz – test your soil and earthworm knowledge with our true or false quiz



More activities and games

Make an apple bird feeder

Use unwanted apples to help birds feed all year-round.


Make a bee hotel

Help bee populations by making a simple bee hotel.


Discover life in leaf litter

Discover the different types of bugs that live among the leaves.


Create a pitfall bug trap

Make a simple pitfall trap to catch bugs – then try to identify them.


Natural History Museum kids only

Play Nit fit, Dinosaur Defender and other exciting games on the Natural History Museum website.


Join the Seed Agents Club

Discover the fun of growing your own food, win eco-prizes and share seasonal recipes.