Chris Packham helps launch the soil and earthworm survey

Chris Packham and children at the survey launchWildlife presenter Chris Packham helped launch the soil and earthworm survey this week in Kensington Gardens, London.

Chris joined children from St Albans School to take part in the study, the first of five OPAL surveys that ask the public to contribute to important scientific research.

Chris Packham said: “Earthworms are really undervalued and few people realise the important job they do keeping the soil under our feet nice and healthy. Surprisingly little is known about the different species or their habitats, so this research will be vital to help scientists understand how earthworms are affected by pollutants in the soil and by human activity.”

Anyone can take part in the soil and earthworm survey. All you need to do is download a survey workbook and field guide from the OPAL site. These contain everything you need to know to take part.

Once you’ve completed the survey, you can upload your results onto the OPAL website and see your contribution instantly on our interactive map.