Run an online nature survey using Indicia

Survey mapWould your society or group like to run a nature survey and collect the results on your website? With recent advances in web technology, there is a growing interest in being able to record large amounts of biological data online.

The OPAL national surveys are an example of this. People across the country are able to enter their findings onto one website, so that a large scale scientific analysis can be performed.

The National Biodiversity Network is working on a project, funded by OPAL, to create an easy-to-use online recording application called Indicia. This application would enable groups, societies and enthusiasts to set up surveys and record the results on their website.

John van Breda, who leads the project, describes Indicia as, “a toolkit that makes it much quicker, simpler and less costly to develop new websites for online surveys. It’s not a finished online survey website though – think of it as a kit car as opposed to a manufactured car. You get the wheels, engine and all the important tricky bits ready-made, but you still have to assemble the parts”.

As this suggests, those who want to take advantage of Indicia now will need some programming knowledge. However, there are plans to make Indicia easier to set-up in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about Indicia or to discuss the possibilities of using it, contact John van Breda on

A strong online community will support those who make use of Indicia.