OPAL help wildlife group discover rare moth species

The micro-moth Ypsolopha mucronella. Photo (c) Paul Kitchener.

A member of the Teme Valley Wildlife Group has discovered a rare species of moth in Shropshire, using equipment bought with an OPAL grant.

The grant in 2010 enabled the group to pay for field monitoring equipment, including two Skinner moth traps.

Geoff Wookey in Boraston, Shropshire has been making good use of these traps, putting them out most nights since the beginning of January this year.

His results have helped add new data to a small and virtually unrecorded area within Shropshire. In February this year he made a particularly exciting discovery – a small moth called Ypsolopha mucronella.

This is only the second ever record of this species in Shropshire. The first being recorded more than six years ago.

Learn more about Ypsolopha mucronella on the UK Moths website

OPAL grants have benefitted many more groups and societies, helping them with everything from building new websites to organising public events. We are delighted to see how small amounts of money can make such a large impact.

For updates on the many projects that Teme Valley Wildlife Group are involved in, visit their website.