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About 40% of all described insects are beetles

Calling all science teachers! Help your class learn about biological classification with a free teaching resource pack created by the OPAL team at the Natural History Museum.

Classifying and naming species (the science of taxonomy) is an essential part of biology and science. After all, in order to study an animal, it’s important to know exactly what animal it is.

About 1.4 million species have been identified to date, but there is an incredible amount still to be discovered. No one knows for sure, but estimates for the total number of species in the world range from 2 million to 100 million.

Biological classification is of great importance and value, and this is why it is now part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum in secondary schools.

This free resource pack includes a series of illustrated lesson plans and supporting PowerPoint presentations. It offers a fun and informative introduction to how scientists classify life on Earth.

Download free teacher resource pack (8 documents, Zip file, 2.8MB)




Februrary pack update

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The Discover Classification resource pack was updated in February 2010. Please download the latest version if you downloaded your pack prior to this date.

The link in the article will download the latest version.