Are there frogs and hedgehogs living in your garden?

OPAL scientists are asking residents in the Marfleet area of Hull to take part in a garden wildlife survey.

The research project, called Slime and Spine 2009, sets out to see how many frogs, newts, toads and hedgehogs are making their home in our gardens.

Residents in Marfleet will receive a postcard through their door asking them to report any sightings on the OPAL Yorkshire and Humberside website.

Researcher Sal Hobbs says, 'In Britain, much of our wildlife is under threat, principally through loss of natural habitat.

'As our towns grow, some species find refuge in gardens and urban green spaces, particularly animals such as frogs and hedgehogs.'

If you don’t live in the Marfleet area, OPAL is co-ordinating many other surveys that you can get involved in, wherever you live.