Discover the diversity of moths

Dichonia aprilina - (c) Dave grundy

Moths are incredibly diverse, with more than 2,400 species in the UK, compared with just 56 species of butterfly. OPAL can help you discover more about these fascinating insects, and by recording them in your garden you can help with important research too.

It’s a shame that moths are often under-appreciated compared with their butterfly relatives. Moths are important pollinators and come in a fascinating range of colours and sizes. In fact their diversity makes them excellent indicators of the health of our cities.

Unfortunately, moth populations in the UK are now in decline.

OPAL is supporting events and recording schemes across the UK for you to learn more about moths and help improve our knowledge of them.

OPAL North East – Moth and Butterfly Events – Summer 2009
Trap, identify and learn more about the amazing range of moths in the UK. To take part, keep an eye on the activities page or contact Katy Barnard from the OPAL North East team,

OPAL West Midlands – Garden Moth Scheme
The OPAL West Midlands team are supporting the Garden Moth Scheme, which everyone across the UK can get involved in. By recording moths in your garden you’ll help contribute to scientific research. For more information and to find out about taking part see the Garden Moth Scheme website or contact

OPAL Yorkshire and Humber – Moth identification workshop
Learn how to trap and identify moths on a two-day nature training course in partnership with the Yorkshire Naturalists Union.

Need help identifying a moth?
Visit the Natural Histoy Museum website to browse some images of common moths, or ask the experts in the bug forum.


Photo: Dichonia aprilina (c) Dave Grundy