University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen joined the OPAL partnership in 2014 as we expanded our work to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

About Aberdeen

Aberdeen University

Founded in 1495, the university has a proud tradition of academic excellence which continues into its sixth century. The OPAL team comprises Annie Robinson, Keith Marshall and René van der Wal.

All are passionate about the natural environment and study how changes to nature come about, for example how introduced plant and animal species influence the natural environment and how people engage with nature.

Existing projects include:

  • BeeWatch – a citizen science project mapping the distribution of bumblebee species
  • Blogging Birds – using computing technology, blogs are
    automatically generated about red kites
  • Tree Mallow invasion resulted in puffin numbers declining dramatically on Craigleith. Using community groups, tree mallow ecology, control and effect on puffin numbers have been studied.

Aberdeen and OPAL

Aberdeen University's OPAL programme will work with schools and community groups in the north east of Scotland to help people spend more time outdoors learning about their local
environment. They will engage people in rural communities and
inner city schools where there is little or no outdoor learning.

If you would like them to visit your school or community group and help deliver surveys, please get in touch.

The team will also use the OPAL surveys to focus on issues of local interest such as introduced species. They will also investigate the use of digital tools to support survey recording and whether digital tools can attract new audiences to citizen science.




Photo credits: Aberdeen University image by Robin Cartier on Flickr, some rights reserved.