Help save our ash trees!

Ash trees throughout Britain are being affected by a fungal disease called ‘ash dieback’.

Scientists are worried this disease will spread widely and have a huge impact on our ash tree population.

You can help scientists at University of East Anglia track and contain this disease by looking for ash dieback on trees and submitting pictures through your mobile phone.

Healthy ash tree leaves  Ash leaves with the dieback fungus






Check out the ASHtag website for more information, including tips on how to identify the disease.

To help you identify ash and other common UK trees, download our free tree guide.

OPAL's new tree health survey
Tree health is often something we don’t think about, but it’s hugely important. Trees are vital for our environment, wildlife and our wellbeing.

OPAL will be launching a national survey that focusses on tree health in May next year. You’ll be able to help scientists learn more about the pests and diseases that affect our trees.

Ash dieback photo: Forestry Commission