Tree Bumblebees in the UK – what have your Species Quest observations shown?

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Have we found the answer to a Species Quest question?

Yes! Lots of you took part in the Species Quest, sending us photographs of six species over the web and via your smartphones. We received more than 800 photographs from across the country in the first year of the survey.

Experts checked every one of your photographs and you have helped to map species distribution on the National Biodiversity Network Gateway.

For one Species Quest bug, the Tree Bumblebee, we asked you to help find out how far it has spread.


Map of Tree Bumblebee distribution in the UK


Previous Tree Bumblebee sightings

Your Tree Bumblebee sightings. Can you see the most northerly record?

Your results will help the Bees, Wasps, and Ants Recording Society to track the spread of this recent-colonist species more than 250 miles from where it was first recorded in Wiltshire in 2001.








First record of the Tree Bumblebee in the UK in 2001