POLLINATORS NEED YOU: What do your survey results reveal about your gardening skills?

Whether you are new to the Polli:Nation Survey or you have been busy surveying pollinators and planting habitat over the last two years, you may be keen discover what the research has found... 

Well, the last of our calculations are being finalised and the full report is due to be released at the end of June. We, however, cannot wait to share some of the results with you so our friends at Buglife have taken your data and created a mini summary for you. Check it out below*.

This is not the end of the story, oh no. We have been blown away by how many people have embraced the project but we would really like to gain a clearer picture of the impact that planting nesting and feeding habitats is having on insect populations. To do this, we need you to get planting, get monitoring and get submitting your data. We plan to do a supersized analysis in the Autumn so we would love to gather as much data during summer 2018 as possible. Not sure how to help and have fun while doing so? Try our handy guide below**


*Take a sneak peak at the results before the big reveal at the end of the month 

Our top finding is that the small habitat changes you have made in your green spaces are having a big impact on pollinators! Check it out below:

You can download the habitat results PDF or keep an eye out for our full analysis of the first two year's worth of results coming soon.

**We still need you!

Perhaps you’re wanting to get involved for the first time or maybe you’ve planted up your space but still need to re-survey and submit your results? We need your help to gather as much data and create as much pollinator-friendly habitat as possible during this crucial summer.

To help you can:

  • Download your pack and survey an outdoor space of our choice (*this is the super fun bit)
  • Upload your results to the OPAL website (*you'll be a real citizen scientist if you do this)
  • Make a PolliPromise and plant up a pot or plot full of pollinator friendly flowers (*a great excuse to get your hands dirty)

Happy surveying pollinator protectors!