Eight ways to explore nature this Halloween

The nights are drawing in and Halloween is approaching, but enjoying this spooky celebration doesn't have to be just about eating sweets and scaring your friends.

Why not use this time of year to learn more about the creepier, crawlier creatures in your home, garden or local park? You could host a nature-themed Halloween party for your friends and family.

You might even discover that bats, bugs and slugs aren't as scary as you think.


Spiders in your home

Zebra jumping spider

Have you spotted eight-legged lodgers appearing in your home at this time of year? Find out more about the different species.

Download our guide to spiders in your home (PDF, 1.4MB)

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Bats in flight

Brown Long-eared Bat

You probably won't see any bats turning into Dracula – even on Halloween. But with this guide, you will be able to identify some of the most common species in UK skies.

Bats in flight guide (PDF, 1.36MB)


Common creepy crawlies

A Dock Bug

Which bugs can you find in your garden, school grounds or local park this Halloween?

Illustrated guide to invertebrates (PDF, 443KB) – part of the OPAL Biodiversity Survey

Pocket invertebrate guide (PDF, 1.65MB) – part of the OPAL Bugs Count Survey



Discover more about the creatures fluttering around your lights when it grows dark.

Moth Tips 1 (PDF, 2.65MB) – tips on trapping and identifying moths

Moth Tips 2 (PDF, 4.8MB) – a guide to common species of British moths

Moth Tips 3 (PDF, 3.25MB) – how to identify micro-moth families


Homepage images of bats in flight by Jared Kelly on Flickr. Some rights reserved.