Explore nature – free tools and activities


Finding insects with a sweep net

Want to find wildlife against the clock? Then you need to try a bioblitz! 

Find out about how you can get involved in one or run your own.


Improve your ID skills

Person holding a newt

Want to develop your nature identification skills?

Download one of our free guides or join the iSpot community.



Study your local orchard

Lichens on a fruit tree

Start discovering orchard biodiversity with our free guides.

Find out how organisms you may not normally notice play important roles in ecosystems.



Weather science

Snow on high ground

Your climate change questions answered, how to make your own weather station and more...

Get involved in activities developed by OPAL scientists and Met Office experts.

Garden wildlife tips

A butterfly

From flowers to insect hotels, there are many ways to attract wildlife to your garden.

Here are some ideas for your own garden: