Discover and protect freshwater wildlife

Ponds, lakes, rivers and streams are incredibly important wildlife habitats. Unfortunately, they are under threat and need all the help we can give them.

Freshwater Habitats Trust logoBy joining the Freshwater Habitats Trust (formerly known as Pond Conservation) you'll help to:

  • save endangered freshwater wildlife
  • create and protect special wildlife ponds
  • campaign and influence policies to help save ponds, lakes and rivers

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How to get involved with the trust's work


Get to know the animals that live in your pond

Learn more about the creatures living in your pond, including water beetles, snails, shrimps and caddis fly larvae.

Animals in your pond on the Freshwater Habitats Trust website


Improve your garden pond with the Advice Centre

Problems with leaks, silt, algae or general pond management? Help is at hand with these factsheets.

Visit the Advice Centre on the Freshwater Habitats Trust website

Or you can ask the experts by contacting or 01865 483114.


Developing the OPAL Water Survey

The water survey includes an invertebrate activity that is based on a method developed by the Freshwater Habitats Trust (formerly known as Pond Conservation).

Learn more about the development of the invertebrate survey method (PDF, 277KB)


Finding out more

Want to protect freshwater wildlife? Find out how you can help.

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Water activity sheets

Do your kids love water? Get our free puzzles, games and facts.

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