Less common earthworms – a guide to 14 species found in the UK

Can't identify your worm?

If you have an adult earthworm that you can't identify, it could be one of the 14 other species in the UK. These are less common, and many of them are only known by their scientific name.

Because the earthworm key in the survey guide does not cover these species, accurate identification is difficult and they should all be recorded as unidentified when submitting results.

Below is a list of the 14 less common earthworm species. You can also see some of them in the slideshow.

  • Allolobophora cupulifera
  • Allolobophoridella eiseni
  • Aporrectodea limicola
  • Dendrobaena attemsi
  • Dendrobaena pygmaea
  • Dendrodrilus rubidus - bank worm or gilt-tail worm
  • Eiseniella tetraedra - square-tailed worm
  • Helodrilus oculatus
  • Lumbricus festivus
  • Lumbricus friendi
  • Murchieona muldali - glass worm
  • Octolasion tyrtaeum - white worm
  • Aporrectodea icterica
  • Dendrobaena hortensis