Complete OPAL surveys and claim a free reward

Become an OPAL Explorer and you'll receive a free Explorers Pack when you complete three or more surveys.

OPAL surveys are a fun way to learn about the environment and contribute to valuable research. Our scientists are keen to receive as many of your survey results as possible before publishing their findings later this year.

Take part in three or more surveys for your Explorers PackSo if you've tried digging for earthworms, why not test the health of your pond? Or hunt for bugs in your garden?

As an added incentive we're offering a free Explorers Pack to anyone who completes three or more different surveys.

The pack consists of a notepad, pencil and magnifier to help you record local wildlife, and a few other goodies including a certificate and stickers for each survey you complete.


How to become an OPAL Explorer
To get started you'll need to register an OPAL account (if you haven't done so already).

Once registered, simply take part in three surveys and submit your results online. Make sure you log in first so we can credit the surveys to your account.

You can easily keep track of the surveys you’ve completed on your My Account page. Once you've completed three or more surveys, simply email us to claim your reward.

Happy surveying!