Our scientists need you – one month left to take part in the tree health survey

There are just a few more weeks remaining to get involved in the OPAL tree health survey and help scientists to protect Britain's trees.

The survey is best carried out when leaves are still on the trees and signs of pests and diseases are easier to spot. So we need you to take part before the end of September and ensure you send us your results.

Studying leaves for the tree health surveyYour data could even help scientists to control and understand the spread of the six Most Unwanted, including the Oak Processionary Moth and Asian Longhorn Beetle.

“The more results we receive, the more scientists can learn about tree health and the spread of pests and diseases,” OPAL director Dr Linda Davies said.

“If a tree appears healthy then please let us know because your results may provide us with valuable data about the overall condition of Britain’s trees in 2013 and could allow us to track future changes.

“Spotting new and alien pests and diseases is particularly important in helping the authorities to protect trees. This is why we need people to look out for the Most Unwanted and report any sightings as soon as possible.”

Have questions about the survey or what your findings mean? Join in our twitter Q&A next Monday at 2.30pm by messaging @OPALNature or using the hashtag #AskOpal.