Congratulations to the Friends of Ashenground & Bolnore Woods!

Congratulations to the Friends of Ashenground & Bolnore Woods!  Your surveys took the bug totaliser over 300,000 bugs!

I've just been entering the results that you sent in, and it gave the totaliser the boost it needed.  Can't believe we've crossed another huge milestone so soon!  And here are those records - from Haywards Heath in West Sussex (dots in yellow).


We hope you enjoyed the Bugs Count and thanks for taking part.  Thanks too to Martin Hall from the Museum's entomology (insect) department who worked with the Friends group to run this survey session.

I was about to say that it's not long before we hit 2000 surveys entered, but I've just checked the map again and it's on 2003, so two big milestones crossed today.  Keep those records coming in!

We spent this weekend Bugs Counting at Silwood Park in Ascot.  It's an outpost of Imperial College London, and some of our OPAL colleagues are based there.  They'd organised a science funday where lots of local residents came down to try out OPAL surveys and other fun activities including face painting,  hat making, being a weather presenter in the OPAL Climate trailer, and eating lovely home made cakes from the cake stall.  I took some photos but haven't loaded them up yet so I'll tell you more about that tomorrow...




One day later, and we're now

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One day later, and we're now getting closer to 400,000 bugs...

I know, that totaliser is

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I know, that totaliser is shooting up!  Over 400,000 now. Who will get the half a millionth bug?!