Silwood Park science fun day

As promised here are some piccies from the event we went to last weekend (10th July) at Silwood Park near Ascot.  We were lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day (unlike the wet weekend just gone!)  and there were loads of fun activities.  Here is just a small selection...

The Silwood Park main building - what a nice place to go to work - it was very peaceful there with lots of trees and open space. I was envious (but then I do get to walk underneath a dinosaur to get to my office each morning which is also pretty cool!).

Lots of people getting involved...

Me at the Bugs Count stand, showing some of our live bugs collected earlier that morning...

A family pond dipping as part of the OPAL Water Survey, being helped by Neil (in the white T-shirt).

The OPAL Weather Roadshow - this was the first time I'd seen the roadshow as it's been travelling around the country all year.  You can try being a weather presenter, or make a tornado in a bottle!  In front of the trailer are candice who works on OPAL at Imperial College in London, and Geoff Jenkins from the Royal Meteorological Society who helped to develop the OPAL Climate Survey.

And last but by no means least, Sarah, the OPAL media and communications officer.  She arrived in style on the back of Martin's motorbike (Martin works with us here at the NHM on OPAL too).  Sarah's keen to get involved in writing this museum blog, so look out for guest posts by her over the coming weeks!

(nice picture!)





OPAL Science Fun Day

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Thanks Lucy, for uploading those very flattering photos! It was a fantastic day, big thanks to Imperial for making it all happen. I had a great time pond dipping, found a cool newt, a first for me, and as it turned out, the only sighting of it that day!

Lucy and I also found a lot of wildlife bug hunting and it was great to see everyone scrambling around on the lawns doing the same thing. Was tempted by face painting, but didn't want to be the only over 12 year old running around with a butterfly on my face, and I don't think Martin would have approved if I'd smudged yellow paint all over his helmet. Speaking of which - the look of terror on my face was very real! Great fun to be hurtling through the countryside though, and for what it's worth, he was pretty safe (most of the time).