Devil's Coach Horse records flooding in!

Lucy Carter, Natural History Museum

Wow - yesterday's BBC Online piece has generated lots of interest in the Bugs Count survey, with requests for the survey packs coming in, and also lots of sightings of the Devil's Coach Horse beetle. 

Have you seen one? 

Keep your eyes peeled and if you spot one of these fantastic beetles, please let us know.  Ideally we'd like you to send in a photo of it if you can.  Here's one of the photos sent in today.  A classic Devil's Coach Horse pose with its tail raised like a scorpion.

You can upload photos direct to our website or email them to

Thanks to everyone who has submitted a sighting or a photo so far - keep them coming in!



Devil's Coach Horse

John Goss's picture

Dear Lucy Carter

I caught your Devil's Coach Horse BBC presentation which showed what rare enthusiasm you have for a world others consider creepy.

In the eighties when I was an undergraduate I overturned a stone in Raglan Avenue, Smethwick and found a Devil's Coach Horse arching its back in a threatening manner. A fellow student was working on his dissertation so I shared this insect with him and he was a little taken aback. Anyway it inspired 'The Devil's Coach Horse' first broadcast Radio 4's 'Pen to Paper' in 1990.

This is me reciting it:

Kind regards


John Goss

Devil's Coach Horse poem

Lucy Carter's picture

Hi John, 

Thanks for posting that.  I just listened to it - fantastic!  Can't be many other poems out there that cover quite so many bugs!  Anyone got any others they'd like to share?


Devil's Coach Horse

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 Thanks for the kind comment about my poem. I've only just discovered your reply.


Devils Coach horse

AshleyTufton's picture

 I was just casually walking home with my partner not too long ago and this bug caught my eye, I have never seen one before so I've been searching everywhere to find out what it is and came across the "Devils Coach Horse" 

Could this be it? It's dark so it's hard to tell. 

Devils Coach Horse photo

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Hi Ashley,

Unfortunately your photo isn't displaying. Could you email it to us at