Happy Newt Year!

Lucy Carter, Natural History Museum

Hello everyone, and a happy new year to you!  Sorry for the cheesy title - but it is relevant to my blog post today.

I've been sorting through all the images that you lovely people have been entering onto the website with your Bugs Count Species Quest records.  Over the next few days and weeks I'll post some of the photos on here for you - there are some really fantastic ones!!  And I must admit a few blurry ones too

I just came across this one and wanted to share it.  At first you focus on the slugs and only when you look carefully do you notice there are also two newts and a beetle in the picture too - I've circled the newts in the second photo to help you see them as they are quite well camouflaged. 

This photo was submitted with a record of leopard slugs, but the slugs you see are actually a different species - Limacus I think, which has a yellowy tinge to it (Leopard slugs are more grey/brown).  However this is still a really useful record as the photo allows our slug experts at the Conchological Society to identfy the species and store it as a biological record - that's why photos are so important!

More piccies to follow soon...