Bat Weekend at the Natural History Museum

I’ve just got the photos back from the Bat Weekend that OPAL helped run at the Natural History Museum a couple of weeks ago. This gorgeous Brown Long-eared Bat (Plecotus auritus) was one of the highlights of the weekend. He, and several other species of bat, were quite happy to snuggle into the white gloved hand of Jenny Clarke while she gave us an amazing close-up view of them. Jenny runs the Sussex Bat Hospital, where she cares for sick and injured bats until they can be released back into the wild.

It was a really great weekend, with bat mask and finger puppet making, face painting, Nature Live talks and bat box building.  Myself plus Ed and Steve from Bat Conservation Trust were at the dangerous end of this – our job was to hold the pieces of wood together while kids were let loose with hammers and nails! Luckily all my fingers are still intact.
Bat Weekend was run in partnership with the Bat Conservation Trust. To find out more about bats and to get involved in surveying these amazing creatures, visit
We’re planning to run more themed weekends like this in future, so keep an eye on the OPAL London web pages for upcoming events at the museum. Many of the OPAL regions are also running bat events this summer, so look out for bat activities in your area...