In the lab and field

by Ed Tripp, University of Nottingham

My seedlings in the lab have been growing for nearly four months.

Still the tallest plant is only a few centimeters tall.

This video shows the seedlings in June, just after they had germinated.

Four months on the video below shows the seedlings in all their glory. It's nearly time to begin harvesting them for analysis, but before that I need to spend a few days finishing up some work that took an entire summer to do.

I revisited all my sites again to collect vegetation data. This involved allocating a 50x50m area of heathland, dropping twenty 50x50cm squares (quadrats) within that area, and then recording all the plants, lichens and mosses within each quadrat.

Not only was this great fun, mainly because I got to fly in a helicopter to Lundy Island, and drive all the way up to Scotland, but it also provided me with a great deal of information about my sites.

Next comes the harvesting phase...