A ball on a stick

I had a nice disturbance from computer work this morning as a group of long-tailed tits landed on the tree outside our office window. These have got to be my favourite birds, they are so charismatic. The RSPB page about them describes them as a ball on a stick, as their tails are longer than their bodies. They moved too fast for me to get a photo, but the RSPB site has some drawings and audio clips of their distinctive calls.

Here's a nice lichen / long-tailed tit fact for you: Long-tailed tits use 3000 pieces of lichen to help camouflage their nests...The big question is, who on earth worked that out??!



And another!

Lucy Carter's picture

I knew I had a good picture of a long-tailed tit - it's just taken me a while to find it!  I think this one was taken by the OPAL West Midlands team while carrying out their bird tagging project.


Sarah West's picture

That one looks a bit bedraggled. Poor thing!