A novel hat used in a novel way

Yesterday I had a brilliant day at Anglers Country Park, Wakefield, helping run an OPAL Insect Identification course. The reason it was so great was that one guy on the course confessed very early on to having a spider phobia, and wasn't that sure about insects either. But, by the end of the day, he'd happily sucked all manner of minibeasts up into a pooter (a pot with two tubes, one of which you stick over the invertebrate, and the other you use to suck the insect into the pot), and was handling all sorts of creatures, including the large but harmless dor beetle www.arkive.org/dor-beetle/geotrupes-stercorarius/ which had flown into the visitor centre.

The guys developed a novel approach for looking at the beetle, one of them had a hat with a little inbuilt light, which he used to shine onto the beetle whilst it wiggled about under the little microscope!Looking at a dor beetle

You can just about see the light on the end of the hat in this picture. Thanks guys for all your enthusiasm, it really made my day