A bird that sounds like rocks, and more...

Last Wednesday it felt more like December than May, but a group of 10 people braved the icy wind and we went for a walk along the Pocklington Canal, East Yorkshire, for an OPAL course called "Look Listen and Learn". This course was led by bird expert John Wint from the Yorkshire Naturalists Union and he made sure that we did lots of listening, looking and learning. My favourite part of the course was hearing a sedge warbler. The sedge warbler call sounds like someone grinding two stones together! Have a listen on the RSPB site and let me know if you agree!

And here's a picture of one, taken from the Encyclopaedia of Life. Quite a drab looking bird compared to its song.

Sedge warbler

Other highlights were a noisy curlew mobbing a marsh harrier over nearby Wheldrake Ings.

At first, the warblers all sounded very similar to my ears, but by the end of the walk I could tell the difference between a couple of them. What I need now is some more practice. And more sunshine next time, please.