I've just seen a treecreeper (Certhia familiaris) from my office window! I've not seen one for at least 10 years so I'm pretty excited. These are fantastic little birds that climb up vertical tree trunks, using stiffened tail feathers for support. 



Here's a lovely photo from Arkive (which if you haven't seen it before is a collection of wonderful photographs of (mainly) endangered species). For more information about these birds, see the RSPB page



You're so lucky to have such a

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You're so lucky to have such a nice view from your office - wish I was looking out on some nice trees (although that might distract me from work!).

I saw a treecreeper last winter when it was really snowy.  It was ripping bits of moss off the trees and dropping it onto the snow which is how we noticed it was there (when moss came raining down on us!)  I guess there must have been lots of insects sheltering under the moss from the cold (tasty food for a treecreeper!)

Yup, they love those insects!

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Yup, they love those insects! If you look on the Arkive picture on my blog you can see their slightly curved beak which is perfectly designed for leavering up bark to look for sheltering insects.