Plymouth University

Plymouth University has been involved in the OPAL project since 2007 and leads our engagement work in the south west of England.

Community scientist Owen examining lichens

About Plymouth

Plymouth is a university built on a rich heritage dating back to 1862 and while it has grown in terms of size, reputation and impact, it remains true to its values of social inclusion with a strong sense of place and civic responsibility.

It has embraced its leadership role in the city, region and beyond and is an engine of transformational change through education and innovation. It is committed to delivering an outstanding student experience and enjoys a reputation for excellence in teaching and learning alongside world-class research.

Plymouth and OPAL

Plymouth University is proud to be the regional centre for OPAL South West, and is working to bring scientists, amateur-experts, local interest groups and the public closer together, to enable people to explore environmental issues of local and global relevance.

By involving volunteers, schools and community groups in areas of
environmental and social disadvantage, the team is helping people
to reconnect with and appreciate their local environments, be they
pristine coastal areas or former mining sites.


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