OPAL Acceptable Use Policy

Our terms and conditions of use apply to users of www.OPALexplorenature.org.

The following terms of use apply specifically to the Bugs Count survey in addition to the general terms listed below

Images and records submitted as part of the Species Quest may be passed on to national recording schemes to aid with identification and benefit their research.

The following terms of use apply for forums, blogs, comments and all other user generated content on the OPAL site.

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  10. If anyone becomes aware that any material on the OPAL site or any activities carried out on its pages are offensive, unlawful or infringe any third party rights in any way, please send an appropriately worded message to opal@opalexplorenature.org. OPAL shall then act expeditiously to remove any such material or to disable access to the information.
  11. Access to the site is provided for your private and non-commercial use and for the exchange of lawful, relevant, fair and appropriate information, opinions and comment. Use of the site that is inconsistent with these purposes is strictly prohibited. If you do not agree to the specific terms and conditions set out above, or the general terms and conditions, do not submit contributions to the site.