Polli:Nation Species Quest Sighting

Hello! To submit a Polli:Nation Species Quest sighting, please complete the questions below.

* 1. Date of sighting?

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

* 4. Record the location of your sighting

Steps to take:

  1. Type your postcode, place name or latitude/longitude into the search box below and press Enter.
    (If you have a UK grid refererence, please convert it to latitude/longitude using http://www.gridreferencefinder.com/)
  2. Zoom in on the map as much as you can (by clicking the + button) and move the map pointer so that it's tip is positioned as close to the location of your Species Quest sighting as possible.
    (Tip: by clicking on 'Satellite' in the top left-hand corner of the map, you can view aerial photography to help identify the location)
Drag and drop the pin to the desired location. You may also right click on the map to move the pin.
Which Species Quest pollinators did you see?
Please upload any photos you have taken of the Species Quest pollinators
HelpAs much as possible, please take photos of any Species Quest pollinators you spot - this will ensure that your record can be added to national distribution maps and will be valuable for scientists for years to come.
Please upload at most 12 files
Comments and feedback
HelpIf you are having or have had problems entering your survey data, please let us know by clicking here