OPAL research and results

What have we discovered so far?

Since the launch of our first survey in spring 2009, you have sent us thousands of sets of results about your local environment. We are always working on analysing your records.

Bugs Count

How does the built environment affect invertebrates? How far have our Species Quest bugs spread throughout the country?

Climate Survey

The OPAL Climate Survey ran from March 2011 to March 2014. What did we learn about climate and how we affect it?

Biodiversity Survey

Are hedges a haven for beetles, birds, mice and other wildlife? Our latest analysis is coming soon, so watch this space!

Water and Metals Surveys

How healthy is your local pond or lake? The OPAL Water Centre has been busy investigating.

Air Survey

We asked you to look for lichens and record tar spot on sycamore leaves to discover more about air pollution and local air quality. What have your findings shown us so far?

Soil and Earthworm Survey

You've been busy helping to update our national record on earthworm distribution and telling us about soil quality across the country. So what have we found out so far?

New Zealand Flatworm Survey

How far has this introduced species of flatworm spread?

Tree Health Survey

We're asking you to help scientists monitor and protect our trees and woodlands.