Primary schools receive our Pollinator Learning Packs

Congratulations to the 12 primary schools who have been awarded one of our Pollinator Learning Packs.

Put together by our West Midlands team, these packs include a selection of field guides, wildflower seeds and nest boxes for bees.


School investigates lichen diversity with help from OPAL

La Sainte Union Catholic School was awarded a Partnership Grant by the Royal Society in 2011 to investigate the relationship between air quality and lichen distribution.

To carry out this research, students made use of OPAL materials and the OPAL pollution index (a pollution score developed by scientists for the OPAL air survey).


A special new tree – CREST SuperStar activity


What's the best tree to plant for the residents of Treedwell?

It is up to you to decide which tree to plant in Treedwell for future generations to enjoy. There are many trees you could choose, but which one will you decide on and why?

Some trees produce beautiful flowers, and some will be preferred by certain types of wildlife. They also vary greatly in size. You may want to start by getting familiar with common British trees.

ACTIVITY – How many different types of tree can you find near you?

Schools watch the pollution in London

London weather monitoring websiteLondon schools are taking readings from their weather stations to help OPAL researchers and Imperial College monitor the air pollution from the capital.  

On Tuesday 16 June, and also Thursday 18 and Friday 19 June, researchers are making intensive measurements of the particulate pollution produced by London.



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