Battling on in spite of the snow...

How many of you have had a day off work or school because of the snow? Lots I bet. We also got a day off last Wednesday, but other than that have been battling on regardless!  Last Thursday to Saturday we held a stand at the Association for Science Education conference in Nottingham.  It was a bit of a struggle getting up there (about 6 hours on the train!), but we spread the word amongst lots of teachers about our new lesson plans that we've developed as part of the OPAL Taxonomy project - another aspect of my job at the museum.


Hello from the Natural History Museum

Hi Everyone!

We are the OPAL team based at the Natural History Museum in London, and we've decided to start a blog to keep you up to date with all our activities.  This photo shows three of our team (trying to identify a dragonfly!).  From left to right there's John Tweddle, Lucy Carter (me) and Gill Stevens.  I'm sure the other guys will put up their pictures and introduce themselves to you soon. 


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