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Soil sample month

by Ed Tripp, University of Nottingham

Two hundred and fifty-seven samples collected!

It took four weeks, and a good few thousand miles, but finally all the soil samples have been collected. These have now been placed in pots, and two heather seedlings are growing in each sample.

Currently the seedlings are less than 3mm high, but within the next six months they will grow slowly, to around 5cm!


Soil Collection Begins

 by Ed Tripp, University of Nottingham

To start my nitrogen pollution experiments, I have to collect soil samples from every site.

I only need a small amount, so it won’t be damaging to the habitats. Each site has different levels of nitrogen pollution, so I am hoping that each soil sample with be different. Once I have collected the soil I will bring it back to my laboratory and grow heather in it for a number of months.



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