Your results reveal metal contamination

Sediment samples sent in by people across England have helped scientists learn more about freshwater metal contamination.

The OPAL metals survey, which ran alongside the national water survey over the last three years, asked people to send in small mud samples from their local ponds and lakes for analysis by the OPAL Water Centre at University College London.


Study creates first dataset on pollutants in English lakes

OPAL Water Centre scientists have published a report on their pioneering monitoring project at nine lakes across England.

Their study, which ran alongside the OPAL water survey, represents the first time some pollutants in England’s freshwaters have ever been measured or have been recorded on such a scale.


OPAL's national citizen science surveys


The surveys explore the health of our soils and trees, the quality of our air and water, the distribution of native and invasive invertebrates, and the importance of habitats for wildlife. We provide easy-to-follow survey instructions, straightforward ID guides and a variety of other resources to help you explore your local environment.

New Zealand Flatworm Survey

Help us to find out how far this introduced species of flatworm has spread.

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