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Study creates first dataset on pollutants in English lakes

OPAL Water Centre scientists have published a report on their pioneering monitoring project at nine lakes across England.

Their study, which ran alongside the OPAL water survey, represents the first time some pollutants in England’s freshwaters have ever been measured or have been recorded on such a scale.


Flame retardants in lakes – pioneering OPAL research


Flame-retardant chemicals are useful in preventing fires, but they can also travel long distances in the air and damage the growth of animals.

OPAL Water Centre research has discovered flame retardants in a number of English lakes, and a significant concentration of one particular flame retardant in some fish.

OPAL Water research data


How healthy are our lakes and ponds?

OPAL monitored the health of nine lakes and ponds across England, looking at water quality, how it's changing, and how the plants and animals are being affected.

We collected physical, biological and chemical data at three-month intervals to explore how things changed over time, research which is being used to help the conservation of ponds and lakes.


Is it a bee? Is it a fly? Actually it's a bee fly

I visited Chapman's Pond, Dringhouses (York) this morning, as the OPAL Water Centre guys were up doing some more water sampling. They visit the site every three months and do chemical, biological and physical analyses (See their pages on Aquatic Biomonitoring for more info).


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