Water quiz

Cartoon of a scientistTest your water knowledge with our quiz

Are reservoirs making the earth spin faster? Are there lakes on moons?

Decide which of the statements below are true and which are false. Check your score at the end. How many did you get right?

1. A dragonfly nymph can move underwater by rocket propulsion.

2. There are less than one million lakes and ponds in the world.

3. Ponds are important in combating climate change.

4. Water slaters are more sensitive to water quality than dragonfly larvae.

5. Otters communicate underwater by banging stones together.

6. Lake Windermere is England’s largest lake.

7. Whirligig beetles have eight eyes.

8. Eels can crawl out of the water and travel overland when migrating.

9. The Common Bladderwort plant eats tadpoles.

10. There are lakes of liquid methane on one of the moons of Saturn.

11. Ponds have to be big to be of any conservation value.

12. Some snail shells coil clockwise and some coil anti-clockwise.

13. Frogspawn and toadspawn look the same.

14. Reservoirs can affect the Earth’s rotation.

How did you do?

  • 11-14 correct - Fantastic. You could be a water scientist!
  • 6-10 correct - Pretty good. Why not learn more about water by taking part in the OPAL Water Survey?
  • 1-5 correct - Good try. You can improve your knowledge of water by taking part in the OPAL Water Survey.
  • 0 correct - The only way is up! Try again and see how many answers you remember.