Your earthworm pictures

Thousands of you have taken part in the Soil and Earthworm Survey and uploaded images of your worms.

Here are your best pictures in all their wriggly glory. Ewwwwww! Can you spot yours?

Want the chance to have your pictures in this gallery? Take part in the Soil and Earthworm Survey and upload your best snaps.


Earthworm on soil Earthworm in a plastic tray Earthworms on plastic dish
Large earthworm Coiled adult earthworm Earthworm on rocky surface
Pile of earthworms Long earthworm on sheet of paper Earthworm on red brick
Small worms on Soil Survey Field Guide Earthworm on soil Immature earthworm on man's hand
Earthworm on red brick Earthworm on ground Worm on Soil Survey field guide
Lots of worms on soil Coiled earthworm Earthworm on plastic tray
Holding worm on gloved hands Worms and soil in a dish Lots of worms on a large tray
Worm on a plastic tray Close up of worm's saddle Worm on a plastic sheet
Small worm on a gloved hand Worm on a Soil Survey field guide Hand holding worms in a plastic cup