Open Air Laboratories gets you close to nature with national surveys and our community scientist network

OPAL collaborates with the golf industry to pilot the use of citizen science surveys to monitor biodiversity and environmental quality of golf courses.

Online hub for plant health information, data & resources launched by Defra features OPAL in its citizen science section.

We appreciate and admire our Community Champions! Find out more about how they encourage others to get back in touch with nature & get involved in science.

The Polli:Nation survey was launched by OPAL this year to help people measure the impact of habitat improvements on pollinators. Read more about the survey's first season findings here.

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OPAL partners

The OPAL partnership is led by Imperial College London and includes:

Field Studies Council
Glasgow City of Science
National Museum Wales
Newcastle University
North Wales Wildlife Trust

Plymouth University
Queen's University Belfast
University of Aberdeen
University of Nottingham
University of York