Bugs Count Survey – support for groups

Group leaders' support pack

This pack provides a range of advice and ideas for carrying out the Bugs Count survey with a group. It includes:

  • background information on the survey
  • aims of the survey
  • preparation – things to consider before the day
  • helpful hints and frequently asked questions
  • follow-up ideas.


This invertebrate picture quiz is a great warm-up activity to familiarise the group with the invertebrates they are about to search for.

Teaching supplement

This teaching supplement complements the group leaders' support pack and includes:

  • links to the school curriculum and ideas for further education
  • ideas for teachers of Key Stage 2 and 3 Science
  • example teaching plan for Key Stage 2 and 3 Science.


Example risk assessment

If you are running a group event you may need to prepare a risk assessment. This is an example for demonstration purposes only. It must be tailored to the specific risks present during your survey session.

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