The climate survey begins!

The OPAL climate survey launched yesterday with an event at Imperial College, London.

Everyone had the chance to participate in the new survey, which consists of a few simple activities to explore our affect on the climate.

Dr Geoff Jenkins of the Royal Meteorological Society explained: "We're asking people to go outside and observe and measure the weather. What they see and record will be useful in checking the models we use for forecasting weather and predicting climate."

People are being asked to look for plane trails (contrails) in the sky, watch cloud movement to measure wind direction, and record wind direction and speed nearer the ground by blowing bubbles. A final activity explores the climate’s affect on us by asking how hot or cold you feel.

Sarah West, OPAL Community Scientist for Yorkshire and Humber said: "I can't wait to take part in the survey…..I'm particularly interested in learning more about contrails and how they can affect our climate. I see them all the time but have never given them much thought, I'll definitely be looking at the skies a bit differently now!"