Goodbye old tree – CREST SuperStar activity

What should be done with the old tree?

Hazel Nutt needs your help deciding what to do with the Treedwell tree that was chopped down. We've listed some ideas below, but can you think of any others?

Ideas on how to make use of the tree

Create a home for wildlife
Girl hugging a treeEncourage wildlife into your garden or school grounds by building a bat box, bird box or bee hotel, using the wood from the tree. You can also make a wood pile to attract invertebrates and hibernating hedgehogs.

Learn more about bee hotels and how to build your own

Create a wood pile activity sheet (PDF, 372KB)

Leave the tree to rot
This may sound like a lazy and wasteful thing to do, but rotting wood is an important habitat for many creatures.

Why not leave some of the tree and see which animals colonise it over time? Look out for woodlice, beetles, millipedes and other invertebrates.

See our common invertebrate guide (PDF, 443KB)

Create works of art
Many artists use the wood from trees to make sculptures, or the leaves to make interesting pictures. Why not have a go at creating a work of art with the leaves and twigs from trees? Take a look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration.