Study Neighbourhood Nature at the Open University

AdderWould you like to take your interest in nature further? To support the work of OPAL, our partners at the Open University are offering a course where you can learn all about local wildlife.

Wherever you live, in a city or in the countryside, you will find areas that support a wide range of wildlife.

The Neighbourhood Nature course will teach you how to observe, identify and record the wildlife around you.

The course is open to everyone and you don't need any previous experience. It can be taken on its own or you can include the course as part of a degree programme.

You’ll learn about a variety of different habitats, the common plants and animals that are found in them and their scientific significance. You’ll also gain experience in scientific methods to identify, classify and record plants and animals, including the use of simple biological keys.

At the end of the course you will have acquired basic skills that will enable you to approach the study of natural habitats using scientific methods, and you will have an understanding of the links between different organisms that make up the fascinating web of life around you.

The first course starts in September 2009 but other dates are also available. As with many Open University courses, there is a great deal of flexibility in when and where you study.

Depending on your circumstances, financial help is available to cover the £150 course fee, and in some cases students can receive the full amount.

Contact the Open University to find out more.