CREST Star Investigators – ages 5-12

CREST Star Investigators logoWhat is CREST Star Investigators?

Crest Star Investigators is an award programme run by the British Science Association (BSA) to support and encourage science project work for children aged 5-12.

Select your CREST Star Investigators activity below for extra help, guidance and new activity ideas.

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Star – Discovery bag

Children with an activity bag iconChallenge yourself to identify objects from the natural world. What will you put in your discovery bag?

SuperStar – Windy ways

Notebook and pen iconFascinated by the weather? You will be with our activities – from bubble blowing to building your own weather station.

MegaStar – Tree for life

Tree iconGet thinking about trees, their value to wildlife and their importance for biodiversity. Choose from one of our three activities for help with your project.

Useful resources

  • OPAL tree gallery – View a gallery of common British trees to help you identify them