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About the OPAL Data Explorer

The OPAL Data Explorer allows you to view environmental data collected by OPAL participants across the UK.

The OPAL Data Explorer is currently in development. Please report any issues or make suggestions or comments using our feedback form.

For information on the key features of the OPAL Data Explorer and how to use them, please view the user guide [pdf].

The survey data shown in the OPAL Data Explorer is displayed as submitted, before any filtering or post-submission verification has been conducted. Data is available for all currently active OPAL Surveys. Please note, it may take up to 15 minutes for your survey data to appear on the Data Explorer after online submission.

By using the OPAL Data Explorer you are agreeing to OPAL's terms and conditions,, privacy policy, and the use of cookies, (we use cookies to enhance the user experience).

About OPAL

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Registered users have access to additional functionality, including the ability to save survey results and graphs to their account (My Favourites), and define their local area (My Patch).

Registered users will also receive updates when new functionality is launched on the OPAL Data Explorer or when training opportunities become available. Register now.