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Insect on flower seen through a magnifying glass

Find wildlife against the clock, identify a plant or creature you've found or discover new habitats?

We've got the information you need to help you observe, record and study the natural world.


The Learning Lab

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Discover what your data can do, test your nature knowledge and learn about our surveys.

The world of OPAL is at your fingertips in our interactive online learning tool.


Presenter Naomi Wilkinson showing a slug to schoolchildren

Want to bring science and the natural world to life for your pupils?

Explore our Schools section for projects, surveys, games and other resources youngsters can enjoy inside and outside the classroom.


Life as a scientist

There's no such thing as a typical day for an OPAL scientist!

Hear about their varied work, discover their research and find out how to follow in their footsteps and become a scientist.


Selection of OPAL resources

From identification guides to lesson plans, we've got the inspiration you need to explore nature.

All OPAL resources are free to download and share with your family, friends, class or community group.